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хуйня, кому надо — найдёт.
Murky Waters

Hold your breath afraid
Grasp the rope in fear
Grip just slips away
You yell but no one hears…

You don't know if you will drown

Your friends showed you the way
They left you to run wild
They just turned away
Your angered with a smile

You don't know if you will drown
You don't know if you'll be found or not

Drowning in the darkness
life's… ending… sorrow
Body feeling lifeless
life's… ending… sorrow
The minds at peace and concious
life's… ending… sorrow

Where are your friends now
Have they let you down
They can't bring you back
They just let you drowned

You don't know if you will drown
What happened to my lifeWhat happened to my prideI'm a victim of your loveI can't cope with this world no longerYou have my fate in your handsI'm on the verge of self destructionI don't see a way outIf this was your intentionTo turn me inside outWhat's the reason of my lifeThere's no pleasure in my heartNow I'm disillusionedAnd I had so much more in mind
What happened to my life
What happened to my pride
I'm a victim of your love
I can't cope with this world no longer

You have my fate in your hands

I'm on the verge of self destruction
I don't see a way out
If this was your intention
To turn me inside out

What's the reason of my life
There's no pleasure in my heart
Now I'm disillusioned
And I had so much more in mind
Intenacious, intersecting
Reaving fats from corporal griskin
Culled...for sodden gelatine brayed
Skeletal groats triturated, desinently
Exsiccated, sere glutenate brewed
For frivolous solvent abuse…

Derogate coarse remains
For glue to dry
Despoiled marrow razed

...A truculent shambles so severe…

Extravated bone — as adhesive incarnate
A pellucid quietus — nocuosly I create

Corporal glue, breathe in the fumes
Mucilage vapours, toxic fumes to savour

[Lead: Glue stiffing by W.G. Steer]

Comminuted remains
As gum to dry
A lissom gel so glazed

...A truculent shambolic affair…

The exsanguine esprit — shorted as snuff
Rheumic oils forever — Bonded together as gum

Human glue, choke on the fumes
Noxious vapours, slaughterous labour…

Arch Enemy — Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass cover) megalyrics.ru/lyric/arch-enemy/incarnated-solvent-abuse-carcass-cover.htm#ixzz1oSnRTigy
Nuage Fractal

All under one command
Clouds overcast the land
Infinite division
Chaotic creation
Patterns of flat spiral
Spinning a triangle
Wind on the schizosphere
Nuage fractal appears

Out there!

Dynamic intruder
Mutating whole numbers
Systems are compromised
Viruses organize
One simple memory
In every theory
All random elements
Become determinants

Out there lives someone
Pirate space kingdom

We get lost
In this chaos
Too soon for us
To be in touch

Tomorrow we will know
Something about the code
Salvation's on it's way
In the light of today
Cloud of all destiny
Ghost of reality
Nobody can detect
The butterfly effect